Conservation Area re-appraisal

The Laverstoke and Freefolk Conservation Area which is designated to protect the architectural and historic interest of the area, has been in place since 1990. From time to time it is important to review appraisals of conservation areas and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has a duty to do so. The Borough Council want to… Continue reading Conservation Area re-appraisal

Booking LRH

Hi Paula Sorry for delay in replying but I have been away. The 13th July is free in evening. It is £85 for the evening. There are about 60 glasses, plates etc. How many people will you be expecting? Krgds Nicky Nicky Nicklin Clerk, Laverstoke and Freefolk Parish Council Parish Office, Lady Rose Hall, Laverstoke… Continue reading Booking LRH


Nicky I’m working with Julian on applying for a grant to repair the church roof. We need to quote rough numbers of inhabitants for Laverstoke & Freefolk. Do you know? Can we also add some information about the appeal on the L&F website? Julian thinks it will be mentioned in the News & Views anyway.… Continue reading L&F