Millennium Green

What is the Millennium Green?

The Green is an area of land on the west side of Laverstoke Lane open to public access and recreation. It has an irregular shape, surrounding the Parish sports facilities and encompassing an old watercress bed, a children’s play area, an ornamental garden, field and woodland area.

How was the Millennium Green created?
The Green, as the name suggests, was created in 2000 as part of a nationwide initiative by the Countryside Agency to create accessible open spaces. The Green was promoted by the Parish Council and supported with funding from the Lottery commission, Basingstoke and Deane BC, and through village fund raising. Most of the land was purchased from Portals including the existing playground to secure it for the village. The creation work, which included a substantial amount of enthusiastic village volunteer effort, covered: clearing of the woodland and pond, building paths, a quiet garden area, an expanded play area, and seating.

Millennium Green website

For further information visit the Millennium Green website

How is the Green owned and managed?

The Green is owned by a Charitable Trust which holds it in perpetuity for the benefit of the community. Any change in ownership and use can only be made with the approval of the Countryside agency and Charities Commission.

The Trustees, who are members of the Village and include representatives of the Parish and Borough councils, manage the Green with the help of the community. Contractors are used to cut the grass and volunteers help with other maintenance jobs both individually and as part of village ‘volunteer days’.

Watercress Bed
Watercress pond in Laverstoke

An old commercial watercress bed forms wildlife pond

Quiet Garden
Ornamental garden area with gazebo and sculpture.
The Ornamental Garden in Laverstoke
Open area

Field with Millennium Oak and seat. Newly planted trees and owl box

Playground areas

The entrance to The Millennium Green
Children’s swings and climbing trail, picnic benches and millennium arch

Woodland walk
Short woodland walk
and bridge – snow- drops are fantastic in February

How much does the Green cost to maintain?

The Green is a well-used amenity and the routine cutting and insurance cost about £2,500 per year. The Charity relies on volunteer days to help with weeding and other maintenance. The Trust has received grants from the parish council and relies upon donations, Gift Aid and fundraising events to cover the balance of the costs.
The Green is now 16 years old and the running costs are expected to increase over the next few years as equipment needs to be re-placed. The Trustees would also like to improve the Green.

Easyfundraising is an easy way to donate to the Millennium green when shopping online. Simply sign up for Easy Fundraising and pick Laverstoke and Freefolk Millennium Green as the charity you support. Then access your favourite online retailers through this site and a donation will be made on your behalf at no cost to you.

The Millennium Green Entrance Arch

Can you help with the running and development of the Green? 

Yes! You can help in various ways:

– financially through donations, Gift Aid or EasyFundraising
– help on volunteer and fund raising days
– become a member of the management committee
– contribute your ideas on how it can be improved
– help organise fund raising events and publicity

Contact Phil Nicklin on 01256 892698 or David Ellis on 01256 892895 for more information