What we do

The main role of the L&FPC is to provide & manage certain local services within the Parish, using a variety of funding sources, including the precept.

Those local services include:

  • Litter Bins
  • Recreation Ground
  • Grass Cutting of Public Areas
  • Public Seats & Bus Shelters
  • Notice Boards at Florence Portal entrance and Manor Cottages
  • Street Lighting
  • Garage area and Green beside Manor Cottages
  • Lady Rose Hall and car park
  • Rough car park and lay by off laverstoke Lane
  • Old Pavilion & tennis court (mothballed)
  • Roadside Verges
  • Interaction with Local Businesses (including Bombay Sapphire)
  • Campaigning for Better Local Services (including broadband, public transport etc)
  • Interaction with the Millennium Green, Black Arrows Archery Club and Whitchurch Tennis Club
  • Liaison with Hampshire County Council who manage the Rights of Way in the county and ensuring them obstruction free, in a fit condition, clear of surface vegetation. They maintain signposting, way marking, some bridges and authorise stiles and gates
  • Liaison with Hampshire County Council Highways who are responsible for streetlighting, speed signage, road maintenance (pot holes, flooding), grit bins, paving, flytipping, trees/hedges on Highway land. For further info or to log a fault go to HCC Highways

The L&FPC also has the right to be notified and consulted on certain other issues:

  • Local Plans
  • Local Planning Applications
  • Byelaws
  • Public Transportation Plans
  • Heavy Lorry Route Proposals
  • Sewerage Schemes