June Laverstoke and Freefolk News&Views

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> Great N&V, Nicky. Not very good these days, at standing on my head to look > at upside-down photos though! > > > B x > > > > *From:* Laverstoke and Freefolk Parish Council < > admin@laverstokeandfreefolk.org.uk> > *Sent:* Friday, June 2, 2023 3:25 PM > *To:* bondb@btinternet.com > *Subject:* June Laverstoke and Freefolk News&Views > > > > Your local village news > > Is this email not displaying correctly? > View it in your browser > <mailchi.mp/5f90650cdf46/cygzna2lff-9330975?e=3b772e11a0>. > > > > June 2023 > > What a month May has been for Laverstoke & Freefolk! We make no apologies > for filling up this month’s newsletter with all the wonderful activities > from last month – our Royal Revelries celebrations for the Coronation, the > Rogation boundary walk, the Big Help Out day and also a splendid Annual > Parish Meeting. > > Our headline photo is the result of some super smart work by Jo Probut and > Bob Hough, recreating waiting for King George V in April 1923 or is that > waiting for King Charles III in 2023?! Either way we were jolly pleased > with the result. > > The next PC meeting is Tues 6 June at 19.30 at LRHl! > > Find Overton News&Views > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=c56504dba2&e=3b772e11a0>here, > a few days after the start of the new month. > > Royal Revelries – fitting & fun Coronation event! > > We hope everyone will agree what a fantastic celebration we had in L&F for > the coronation of King Charles. Here’s a quick review in photos….. > 11.30 – Outdoor Commemorative ‘Church’ Service > > 12.00 – ‘Bring & Share BBQ’ & Bar, > > > The bar fundraising was kindly aided by Bombay Sapphire (with a donation > of Laverstokes and Citron Presse gin) and Bordeaux Index wine. > 14.00 – Games on the Green featured: > The King Charles Polo Mint Cup > > Coronation Carriage Driving > > and various tugs of war! > > 15.30 – Coronation Bake Off competition followed by tea > > 16.45 – Village Photos > > With our thanks to so many people for making it such a special > occasion….. > > The Borough Council for a grant of £168 towards our costs and the Mayor > for spending time with us at the end of a very hectic day for himself and > his wife. We hope he enjoyed meeting us for photos in front of the > glasshouse at Laverstoke Mill. Thanks to Helen Coles at Bombay Sapphire for > hosting us and also for the donation of ‘laverstokes’ and gin that aided > the Millennium Green fundraising bar. For Rev Charlie’s lovely > commemorative service that kicked off proceedings, ORC for loaning some > tables, Men’s Shed for helping us set up, Bob Hough our photoshop wizard > and Jo for organsising the photos. > > With thanks also to the providers of gazebos, movers of chairs, > setter-uppers and clear-uppers, the tea and BBQ teams, the bakers, > the Millennium Green bar team, the decorators, the games compere and > helpers, Katie Black, Laura Anstey and Erin Black for judging the wonderful > bake-off competition and Carolyn Sheffield for presenting the prizes. All > neighbours, family and friends who attended, supported and helped out. > And none of this would have been possible without Nicky’s fantastic > committee who put hours into the organisation – Bethan, Brenda, Jo, Jackie, > Jenny & Luby – resulting in the most wonderful afternoon of celebrations. > > Muddy waters in Overton > > When the banks of a chalk stream in Overton crumbled, people and wildlife > were both in peril. Sediment entered the water, smothering its > invertebrates. On the streamside footpath, trees were in danger of falling. > Watercress & Winterbourrnes new blog explains how we tackled this pressing > problem. (Photo courtesy of Wessex Rivers Trust) > Read on > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=7fcc1717a6&e=3b772e11a0> > > Annual Civic Service > > *As per B&D tradition, there’s an annual Civic Sunday Service* to welcome > the town’s new Mayor at the start of their year. This year the Service > coincides with the Coronation year and aligning with His Majesty King > Charles III’s theme, the service will focus on the importance of community > volunteering. The Mayor’s chosen charities are: Shopmobility Basingstoke, > Citizens Advice Basingstoke and Citizens Advice Tadley. > > Where: St Michael’s Church, Church Square, Basingstoke. RG21 7QW > When: Sunday 11 June 2023 at 3pm (Guests are asked to be seated by 2.45pm) > All welcome with free tickets on first come first served basis. Click here > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=ef0996913f&e=3b772e11a0> > for tickets > Parking: please use town centre car parks. > Dress: Day Uniform, Lounge Suit or Day Dress, Badges may be worn > > If you have any queries please contact the Mayor’s Office on > mayoralcoordinator@basingstoke.gov.uk > or 01256 844844. > > L&F Big Help Out success > > *Mon 8 May was the Big Help Out national volunteering bank holiday. *Following > the coronation festivities it was good to get outside once again and help > clear up the village. We had several teams out and about. Vegetation was > cleared from the end of the pavilion track to improve sight lines. Around > the kick-about-court the fence was repaired in places and vegetation pruned > along either side of the fence line. The Kingsford family did a big litter > picking circular walk around the Manor Farm area. Meanwhile at St Mary’s, > another band of volunteers strimmed the churchyard and cleaned the church. > All in all it was a successful day with the villages now looking spick and > span. > > Distillery InSpirit day spent tidying L&F! > > The staff at the Bombay Sapphire distillery had their version of a > corporate responsibility day, known fittingly as an InSpirit day, on May > 10. The parish was the lucky recipient of 14 people working for a whole day > on improving the area. The bus stops were swept and tidied, signs cleaned > and litter picked along the B3400. Laverstoke Lane, from the A303 bridge to > the outskirts of the populated area, was litter picked with resulting > prams, boxes and other random items large and small being removed and > disposed of by the team. Around the pavilion, mud was cleared and leaves > swept. In the playground, the climbing frame was rubbed down and > preservative applied. The rubber equipment matting was jetwashed. Lady Rose > Hall frontage was tidied, paving weeded and swept.A really productive day > was finished with a celebratory drink (with thanks to David Ellis.) > The PC, on behalf of the residents, would like to reiterate the thanks > that they gave the Bombay Sapphire production team at the PC AGM. > > Original photo – Waiting to greet King George V > > Taken 100 years ago in April 2023 when he visited Portals at Laverstoke > mill. > If you have any old photos (and old doesn’t have to be this far back!) of > the villages please let Jo Probut on joprobut@gmail.com know. We are keen > to build an archive. > > Parish Meeting – it went down well with wine! > > This year we trialed a new format of Annual Parish Assembly. Following > updates from the PC Chairman, Borough Ward Councillors, Bombay Sapphire and > our PCSO, we tucked into our coronation-themed cheese board, enjoying a > variety of yummy cheeses washed down with some lovely wine. Jo Probut > shared a display of old photos taken of the visit to Laverstoke mill by > King George V one hundred years ago as well as our latest Coronation > village photos. Judging by the number of members of public who attended the > meeting, this might be a format to be repeated! > > Hardy’s supply Chelsea gold medal winners > > Hello everyone > We were so pleased and proud to see that both Chris Beardshaw and Charlie > Hawkes were awarded GOLD medals at the RHS Chelsea flower show. Moreover, > Charlie won the accolade of ‘Best Sanctuary Garden’. Also, Friday evening, > for those that saw the show, you will have seen that Chris’s garden was the > ‘People’s choice’. You may recall last month we told you we were supplying > plants to both these two individual top designers for their gardens and > were excited ourselves to see the finished results. Not only that, the > businesses Rosy mentored in the floral marquee were also awarded GOLD > medals, so success all round! > > We still have plenty of stock for any holes you may have in your garden > and would love to see you. Even if you want a browse, we are here to chat > though any issues you have 7 days a week. For our opening times our > website is www.hardysplants.co.uk > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=0784cb178b&e=3b772e11a0> > > > Potential new winners > > Another busy month for the Archers. Our latest beginners course finished > at the end of April with 16 new archers joining the club! We participated > in the Archery GB “Start Archery Week” with a “have a go” session on Sunday > 14th May. It was a hectic couple of hours with 48 people coming along to > have a go. We ran a little competition to see who could get the highest > score from 4 arrows, so a maximum 40 points. One person scored 39 points, a > great effort for a first time! It was lovely to see so much interest in the > sport and we plan to run a new beginners course later in the year. > > We held our AGM in May and now have a new Chairman, Paul Williams. He has > been part of the club for a couple of years and is looking forward to > guiding the club for the next few years. Angus was presented with the > President’s Medal for his support in helping at the club and to Dave Mahers > for winning our club “Frostbite” competition. > > We continue to attend UK competitions and well done to Steve Allam and > Angus Falcom-Relf for great results in the English 3D championships with > Steve second and Angus fourth in the Traditional Bow category. > > If you are interested in learning a new skill and taking up the sport of > Archery please have a look at our facebook page > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=a847bf1352&e=3b772e11a0> or > message us for more details. > > Rogation-tide walk > > *L&F marked Rogation* *Sunday* on 14 May, with a very special walk with > prayer around part of the Parish boundary. Rev Charlie and Bethan had > organised fantastic weather and a great circular route starting from Lady > Rose Hall to St Nicholas, to St Mary’s and into Laverstoke Park for a rare > visit to the demolished old St Mary’s. The final stop was at the mill for > a drink in the sunshine by the river. > > The Old St Mary’s ruins: > > River Test: > > > PC Meetings > > Next meeting dates: > > 6 June > 4 July > 5 Sep > 3 Oct > > Laverstoke and Freefolk PC meetings take place on 1st Tues of month in > Lady Rose Hall starting at 7.30pm with up to 30 mins public time. Anyone is > welcome to attend to ask questions, make suggestions or air views on local > issues during the public time. Time will be split equally between the > number of people wishing to speak. After public time parishioners are > unable to interrupt the Council meeting. *Note: no meeting is held in > August unless a planning or other time-dependent matter arises.* > > L&F Contacts > > L&Freefolk Facebook > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=34b99f738a&e=3b772e11a0> > > laverstokeandfreefolk.org.uk > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=455fa80bce&e=3b772e11a0> > *Newsletter*: > laverstokeclerk@gmail.com > > *Lady Rose Hall*: > www.ladyrosehall.co.uk > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=c0233eb037&e=3b772e11a0> > > *Bombay Sapphire Help Line: *01256 890078 > or hello@bombaysapphire.com > (monitored daily 10-16.00) > > *Neighbouring web-sites:* > Whitchurch Town Council > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=1ee0bf3547&e=3b772e11a0> > Official Whitchurch web site > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=086ea7f164&e=3b772e11a0> > Original Whitchurch web site > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=7233648b63&e=3b772e11a0> > Overton Parish Council web site > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=ffc0a7786a&e=3b772e11a0> > *Our Local Sports Clubs:* > Whitchurch Tennis Club > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=607d17ba39&e=3b772e11a0> > Overton Black Arrows Archery Club > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=22b2345f93&e=3b772e11a0> > Overton Rugby Club > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=674cb7ae52&e=3b772e11a0> > *Our church:* > St Marys Laverstoke > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=25ea3f46d5&e=3b772e11a0> > *Our Local Day Care Centre:* > Kingfisher Day Care Centre for Elderly > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=1086406c6f&e=3b772e11a0> > or > kingfisherdaycentre@gmail.com > *Millennium Green:* > landfreefolkmillenniumgreen > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=28378da397&e=3b772e11a0> > > *To Report problems with:* > *roads, footpaths & verge* > Hantsweb > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=6d6db023e9&e=3b772e11a0> > *trees on roads:* > 0300 555 1388 > *water:* > Southern Water > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=9959a68b34&e=3b772e11a0> > > Classes in Lady Rose Hall > > *Ladies Boxing*: Mon 18:45 – 19.45 > Contact: Brandon Elliott on 07402 366067 > > *Yoga*: Weds 19:30 – 20:30 > Contact: Natalia on > natalia@thelittleyogacompany.com > 07880 742817 > > Parish Council: > *Clerk – Nicky Nicklin* > 07725 368012 or > laverstokeclerk@gmail.com > > Parish Councillors: > > David Ellis, Chair > Jo Probut, Deputy Chair > Andrew White > Diccon Harvey > Julia Chedgey > Jayne Hudson > Jim Marsh > on:laverstokeclerk@gmail.com > > *Borough Councillors:* > Colin Phillimore 771127 > cllr.colin.phillimore@basingstoke.gov.uk > Karen Watts > cllr.karen.watts@basingstoke.gov.uk > Chloe Ashfield > cllr.chloe.ashfield@basingstoke.gov.uk > > *County Councillor:* > Juliet Henderson > juliet.henderson@hants.gov.uk > > forward to a friend > <us5.forward-to-friend.com/forward?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=b670c41e57&e=3b772e11a0> > > > *Copyright © Laverstoke and Freefolk Parish Council 2023* > laverstokeclerk@gmail.com > *Our mailing address is:* > Laverstoke and Freefolk Parish Council Newsletter > Lady Rose Hall > Laverstoke Lane > Whitchurch > RG28 7NY > > [image: Email Marketing Powered by Mailchimp] > <www.mailchimp.com/email-referral/?utm_source=freemium_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=referral_marketing&aid=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&afl=1> > > unsubscribe from this list > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/unsubscribe?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=5e2ee8656b&e=3b772e11a0&c=b670c41e57> > | update subscription preferences > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/profile?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=5e2ee8656b&e=3b772e11a0&c=b670c41e57> > > >