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> Thanks, Nicky. Sending to this address seems to work well! > > Julia > On 04/06/2020 13:06, Laverstoke and Freefolk Parish Council wrote: > > Your local village news from L&F Parish Council > > Is this email not displaying correctly? > View it in your browser > <mailchi.mp/c773ad02f5c3/cygzna2lff-3892345?e=b4737b0d4f>. > Newsletter June 2020 Lockdown summer is here! We do hope you are able to > enjoy the wonderful rolling countryside around us safely and are now > adjusting to ‘the new normal’. > > It was lovely to hear that the Watership Down Inn has re-launched its > takeaway service and that our sports clubs are opening up, albeit with > controlled online bookings and strict safe distancing measures. Bus > services are increasing and the nursery has re-opened in Lady Rose Hall. > That’s not all the nursery have been up to. For all this and more…. read > on. > > Whilst writing, please can you refrain from crossing the archery field > when the red flag is up. There have been a couple of incidents recently > where adults have climbed over the pond-end fence and walked across whilst > archers are shooting. This is obviously dangerous!! > > Just as we were going to ‘press’ we have learnt of the sudden passing of > Graham Waring. Our thoughts and condolences go to his wife Gill and family > at this particularly sad time. > > You can find a link to the monthly Overton News&Views > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=d8f20a3ea5&e=b4737b0d4f>here, > a few days after the start of the new month. > Watership says ‘We’re back!’ > We relaunched the Dine at Home takeaway service a few weeks ago, featuring > an array of mouth-watering Tapas, which we are changing frequently. We are > running this on Thursday to Sunday, check out our website for full details > of opening times and the current menu. If you have a special occasion that > you would like us to cater for, please just call (01256 892254) or email > and discuss this with the Head Chef. > > We are putting a plan together for July when we hope that we can reopen > the pub. It’s a busy time understanding what is possible while ensuring the > safety of staff and customers – watch this space for more details or check > out our social pages which we will keep up to date. Facebook > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=3c978ad706&e=b4737b0d4f> > or Instagram > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=8770c562a3&e=b4737b0d4f>, > we are looking forward to seeing you all again and reopening the pub > properly soon. > Buses return to near normal Good news! From Monday 1st June as part of > our enhanced timetables there will be a bus every half hour between > Whitchurch and Basingstoke again. The link below, for the 76 bus, takes you > to the Andover Service Updates page on the Stagecoach website > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=c9040323db&e=b4737b0d4f> > . > > And services to Winchester on the 86 are also getting nearer to normal > from 31st May. See Stagecoach website > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=c08f01aeef&e=b4737b0d4f> > > *Stagecoach says:* > ‘We have extensive enhanced measures to keep buses clean and passengers > and staff safe and ensure people can feel confident about using our buses. > Our enhanced cleaning regime includes at least daily cleaning of all buses > with a particular focus on key touch points, and additional in service > cleaning where possible. > > All buses will continue to have a protective screen to provide a physical > barrier between the driver and passenger. In line with government advice, > we are actively encouraging passengers to wear a face covering. > > Social distancing measures are now in place on all bus services, which > means that each individual bus has around 25% of normal passenger capacity. > > We are currently running an exact fare system, so our drivers will be > unable to give you change. We strongly encourage contactless payments or > you can buy mobile tickets on our app, to keep our staff and customers a > little safer.’ > L&F Views We’ve taken a few local pictures in the glorious sunshine which > we hope you’ll enjoy. > Public engagement in health modernisation *A programme of public > engagement on the biggest modernisation of local health services in 50 > years has just been launched. *Working in partnership, Hampshire and Isle > of Wight Partnership of Clinical Commissioning Groups, West Hampshire > Clinical Commissioning Group and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, > which runs hospitals in Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover, have launched > this programme. > > It is called ‘Hampshire Together: Modernising our Hospitals and Health > Services’ and it will involve all NHS and social care services across > Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Winchester and the surrounding > areas. > > Along with the construction of a brand new hospital, the central aim of > all partners is to deliver a joined-up healthcare system that supports > patients, their families and their carers to access the right care, in the > right place, at the right time in order to keep them healthy. > > In 2019, Hampshire Hospitals was named as one of the trusts chosen to > receive capital funding as part of the Department of Health and Social > Care’s Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP). This is designed to support 40 > hospital building projects across the country between 2025 and 2030 and it > is this funding that will be used to create the new hospital. > > The partnership has developed a ‘listening document’ which explains the > challenges currently faced and opportunities the programme presents. This > document, along with more information about the programme, can be found at > www.hampshiretogether.nhs.uk > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=1045a15e5d&e=b4737b0d4f> > > Throughout June and July, the NHS organisations working in partnership > will be asking for views from the public. > > If you would like to receive the ‘listening document’ and a comment form > by post, write to the programme at FREEPOST Hampshire Together (no stamp > required) with your name and address. > Strimming Church Lane *A small request to those living in Manor Cottages:* Last > month the area outside 18 Manor Cottages and also parts of the ‘garages’ > area were not strimmed/fully strimmed. We queried it with our grounds > maintenance company and they showed pictures of cars too close to ensure > safe cutting. So a small request, if you see the ‘strimmers’ are out can > you please temporarily move your cars away from the areas that are being > cut. Thank you for helping us maintain the area in good order. > L&F hand sanitiser *Last month we told you about Bombay Sapphire > producing hand sanitiser. *Well this month we have some very good news. > The L&F Community Calling Tree has been kindly given some bottles by our > friends at BS. > > We shall deliver them out to the households in L&F over the next few days > through our network of Calling Tree volunteers. So, please don’t think we > are weirdo’s if we appear on your doorstep! Not wanting to leave bottles > out anywhere where pets and children may be at risk, we’ll knock and retire > at a safe distance. > > Be aware, when you open the sanitiser, that it is rather more ‘runny’ than > the usual shop-bought product. The bottle comes with an advisory label that > specifies constituents and instructions for use etc. It is made to the > World Health Organisation ‘recipe’. > > With grateful thanks to Bombay Sapphire. > Laverstoke range open *Overton Black Arrows are pleased to announce *that > the range at Laverstoke is open again, inline with the advice from Archery > GB and the government, we are maintaining social distancing and safe > practice. Please remember if the red flag is flying and the gate is locked > you cannot cross the field, we have had 2 incidents where people have > climbed over the gate and crossed the field whilst shooting was in > progress, this has the potential to be very dangerous. > > *A Backdated Award* > We are also pleased to announce that Mel Taylor has been awarded her back > dated medal for her role in the team event in the Hampshire Indoor > Championships, way back in January. > > *Unexpected Guests!* > After not shooting for a few months when we returned we found some > unexpected visitors in the hedge between the shooting field and the tennis > courts, a swarm of bees! Fortunately one of our members is a bee keeper and > within a couple of hours of discovery the bees had been safely moved and > relocated to a lovely new hive. We may even have some Overton Black Arrows > honey in the future. > Tennis opening up We’re pleased to let you know that the courts are now > reopen albeit in a limited way in accordance with the Government > guidelines. Members can now play with others from the same household or > play singles with someone from a different household providing social > distancing takes place. There are club guidelines based on the LTA and > latest Government advice, which must be followed by all players. > > To play, you must be a member of the tennis club and we have great news > about our membership subs. For 20/21 we have reduced the cost by 50% of > the annual fee. So a family membership (2 adults and any children under 18 > or in full-time education) is only £87.50 until 31/3/2021. Membership for > two adults at the same address is £75 and individual adult membership is > £40 for the rest of the year. More details available on our website > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=355be301ad&e=b4737b0d4f> > or facebook page > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=ebf841f0f6&e=b4737b0d4f> > > > As part of our move to ensure that our venue is safe for tennis during > these challenging times we have introduced an online booking process > through the LTA’s Clubspark website (accessible from our own website > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=b1d1c53287&e=b4737b0d4f> home > page). We will also continually review the guidelines to ensure continued > safety and will open up the courts further when the Government and LTA > advice is that it is safe to do so. > > We’ve not forgotten about the social side of the club too and whilst we > are expecting it will be longer before we can arrange events, we have > provisionally put dates in the diary for autumn for a walk, progressive > dinner and annual dinner. There are also reduced fees for social members > too this year. > > For more information about joining the club and contact details, please > visit our website > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=980d7364c0&e=b4737b0d4f>You > can also follow us on facebook > <Laverstokeandfreefolk.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5a0892f2a31c40d24107d5617&id=5ea7bd14af&e=b4737b0d4f> > #WhitchurchTennisClub for club and tennis related content. > Covid hardship donation *The Parish Council is extremely grateful to the > Keep Test Valley Beautiful campaign group. *When they wound up they > donated £500 to the PC to be used as a Covid Hardship fund. The PC has been > following with interest the activities of The Kingfisher Day Centre. They > have been working hard during the lockdown which has particularly hit their > elderly service users. So although their centre has been shut they have > been providing hot food, companionship, cards and phone calls to elderly > members of our parish. To support their work for our residents the PC has > donated £250 of our hardship funds to Kingfisher. > > If you know of anyone elderly who would particularly benefit from any of > these services but may not have used Kingfisher in the past please let > Kingfisher know on: 01256 893333 or kingfisherdaycentre@gmail.com. > > If you are struggling (and not necessarily elderly) or, if you are aware > of anyone else struggling during the current lockdown, especially with > food supplies, please let the PC know. Contact Nicky on 07725 368012 or > laverstokeclerk@gmail.com. > Watership Down Nursery Bench *The children’s nursery in Lady Rose Hall *has > supported the Millennium Green in buying a new bench for the top corner of > the Millennium Green field. Coinciding with the pre-school re-opening this > week, the ben > >